Custom Designed Albums

Custom designed albums are our hall mark.  We wont compromise on quality for cost.  Our belief is that our customers get a high quality album they adore, something they were involved with creating, after all this will be what remains of your wedding day, an heirloom.

Our customers can have as much or little influence in the style and flair of their album as they had creating their wedding.

High Quality, custom designed, printed or digital albums for sharing. Our design your style.
Keep it simple…
or chic
or colourful


We use only the highest quality post production materials. Quality materials and great manufacture help your albums last. From design to manufacture our albums are carefully produced to last and look beautiful. 

The great thing with our albums is they are fully customized to your choosing. You can have, hard cover printed, cloth or faux leather covers with or without images and most importantly the whole thing is designed consulting with you. 

We chose high quality board pages as these are more durable for lasting albums, they wont tear, they look modern and reflect the quality of materials.

How it works

Our designer will thoroughly check your photos to gage the mood and theme of your wedding.

From this they will select the images they believe are the most suitable for telling the story of your day that will coordinate with each spread. They will then add any design features from the ideas obtained from your wedding day. These spreads will then form the starting point for discussion.

You will be sent the page spreads of the album to review and check 

You will then either meet with the designer to go through the pages and make any adjustments, or message your changes and ideas for each spread. You might like to switch out or add more photos, change some page styles, or contribute your own design ideas.

Once the cover and box style is chosen and you have decided you love it only then will we send it to print.   

Both the content and the design are totally flexible, keep it simple and modern or full and funky its entirely up to you.

Select the photos yourself or let the designer decide.

We want you to be as happy with your photos and album in future, just as you were on the day it was designed. 

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